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I get to Shop Smart, Search, the issue, but Why cannot I access topics in Consumer Reports?

This has been true fr the last few months
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016  |  12 Views

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Thanks for your question.  It sounds like you are following all the steps and at least getting into the Consumer Reports website.  Is that so?  

After clicking the blue "Search" button and entering your library card, another window should be opening up in your browser that is the actual website.  From there, assuming you are looking for product ratings, there is no need to find a specific issue - just use the search field at the top of the site.  Is this what you mean by topics?  The top of the page should look something like this:

Is that what you are seeing?  Were there other topics you were looking for instead?  The 'News' link at the top should take you to the rest of their articles, listed with the most recent at the top.  Sadly there isn't a great search feature for those.  However another one of our databases, MasterFILE, will let you search the articles from the actual Consumer Reports magazines, most with full text available.

Does this answer your question?  Please let us know if not, or stop by your nearest branch, where (hopefully) we can take a look at the site with you and see what you are - or are not - seeing.

Thanks again!

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