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What is available on the Scythian civilization?.

Which civilization worshiped bulls?
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We have a few materials at Omaha Public Library that mention the Scythians. A recent children's book, The Griffin and The Dinosaur, explores the link between mythological griffins in Scythian culture and fossilized remains. Some mention of Scythian society& culture is also made in the following books, which we own: Invisible ArmiesThe Chronicles of the Barbarians and The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe. There is also a book about the archeological discoveries of Scythians: Discovery! There does not seem to be a comprehensive book on the Scythians, even when I search in other libraries.

It is harder to determine if there was a single civilization that worshipped bulls. Bulls are found throughout various ancient cultures & civlizations. There is some evidence in Minoan civilization that bulls were revered. From the Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia (2016) entry on Minoan Culture: "The palace at Knossos was rebuilt on a more elaborate scale; it rose to three or four stories and contained many extensive rooms and passages and a luxuriously decorated throne room. Conspicuous among the many paintings were scenes of bull-leaping, a sport that may have given rise to the later Greek myth of the Minotaur. Sanctuaries within the palace provided a place for the worship of a mother goddess, probably the one called RHEA, by the Greeks. Associated with her worship was the double ax, pictures of which appear on some of the walls of the palace."

I hope that this helps.


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