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Is there an online copy of the poem "The Shakespearean Bear" by Arthur Guiterman that I can access?

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The only poem I could find online which somewhat matches the description you have given is "Bears" by Arthur Guiterman. I found a copy online here. If this isn't the right one, let me know and I will keep searching.

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  1. The Shakespearean Bear

    (The Winter's Tale, Act III, Scene 3)

    When, on our casual way,
    Troubles and dangers accrue
    Till there's the devil to pay,
    How shall we carry It through?
    Shakespeare, that oracle true,
    Teacher in doubt and despair,
    Told us the best that he knew;
    "Exit, pursued by a bear."

    That is the line of a play
    Dear to the cognizant few;
    Hark to Its lilt, and obey!
    Constantly keep it In view.
    Fate, the malevolent shrew,
    Weaves her Implacable snare;
    What Is a fellow to do?
    "Exit, pursued by a bear."

    Take to your heels while you may!
    Sinister tabby-cats mew,
    Witches that scheme to betray
    Mingle their horrible brew.
    Thunderclouds darken the blue,
    Beelzebub growls from his lair;
    Maybe he's hunting for you!
    "Exit, pursued by a bear."

    Bores of the dreariest hue,
    Brlngers of worry and care,
    Watch us respond to our cue,
    "Exit, pursued bv a bear."

    Arthur Guiterman, 1871-1943
    (poem from Monday May 7, 1934 Cincinnatti Enquirer)
    by Phred on Sep 28, 2016.
  2. The only copy I am able to find online is in the Cincinnatti Enquirer through, which offers a free 7 day trial to access the page the poem appears on. Otherwise there is a paid subscription to access the paper online.

    There is no other online copy that I can locate.

    Another option is to try and get a copy through Interlibrary Loan, but that would be a print version.

    Here is the link to our Interlibrary Loan site:


    by Sarah Letheby on Sep 29, 2016.

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