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Can you explain to me how the shelves work?

What is the benefit of the shelves to me,and what do they do.
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Thanks for asking, and thanks for putting up with an answer that will probably be a little bit abstract. 

So, our library's online MyOPL catalog has an interface or overlay designed by a company called Bibliocommons. There are features built in to that overlay that are meant to offer library users a way to interact with the catalog to organize, track, and (in certain cases) share their reading experience. These features are baked in to the catalog website and don't really connect to any of the day-to-day operations of Omaha Public Library - they're for your use only if kept private, and visible to other catalog users if shared or set for public display.

Anticipating the question, you can sign in and change the default privacy behavior for your shelves here

As far as the shelves themselves go, you can view them from the MyOPL menu (MyOPL > My Collections > Shelves), from your User Dashboard, or from this link. The 'Completed' and 'In Progress' shelves really just allow you to keep track of or share your reading activity, but the 'For Later' shelf has an interesting second application; it's the one I use most, myself. 

If you add a book to your 'For Later' shelf, you can use that shelf as a handy way to keep track of books you're interested in reading but may not have time to get to or want to request right now. A handful of titles from your For Later shelf will pop up in your Library Dashboard, which can be a nice reminder of titles you've been meaning to read or popular items whose hold lists have finally come down. 

Again, these shelves have no direct connection to borrowing or requesting books from Omaha Public Library. To know what you have checked out or requested from us - the books that are currently associated with your library card or where some action is in progress - look to the sections that talk about "My Borrowing", "Checked Out", or "On Hold." 

Some folks use their MyOPL shelves actively, some folks never touch them - it's all just a matter of what feels like a good fit for you and how you like to keep track of your reading and how much or how little of an online presence you feel comfortable with. 

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