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How do I enter books that I have finished reading into my summer reading challenge?

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2016  |  14 Views

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Thanks for asking! 

Get to your Summer Reading Program module for Kids, Teens, or Adults - you can use the link here, or from the main catalog, whatever you prefer - and sign in to your Summer Reading account using your library card number or username and your 4-number PIN. 

Once you're signed in, you may or may not see what I call your "dashboard" - it will be a white space that shows your profile image, a couple buttons that say "Set reading goal" and "Add reading time", and links to your shelves, lists, quizzes and badges. If you do not see your dashboard when you first sign in, look at the top of the screen for the small, round icon with your profile image between the program banner and the words "Take a Quiz" and "Earn Badges." Click or tap on that to toggle the dashboard open and closed. 

For completion of the Omaha Public Library Summer Reading goal and entry into the Adult drawing prizes, it won't be the books you read but the time you spend reading that "counts." Click on "Add reading time" to bring up the SRP time clock. Add your reading time in increments of hours or minutes, down to the nearest 5min and up to 9:55 at once. As you have more time to add, come back to the same "Add reading time" button to continue tracking your reading time. 

But you certainly can - and I always do - track the books that you read, as well. Toward the middle of your SRP dashboard you should see a gray box that says "My Shelf" and a gray plus sign that says "Add a title." Click on "Add a title" and a search box will pop up. Search by author, title, or keyword to find the book and add it to your Summer Reading shelf. If the item isn't in the Omaha Public Library collection, a second search prompt will pop up that will let you find the item on Amazon and add it from there. 

It's those books added to your Summer Reading shelf that will count toward the reading goal that displays on your dashboard, just know that that goal is only for your own satisfaction and the Reading Challenge digital badge. SRP completion is all about the 10 hours. 

In previous years I've noticed that books I add to my Summer Reading shelf don't always get counted right away on the Reading Goal counter. Try refreshing your page or signing in again if nothing seems to happen. 

Clear as mud? Please feel free to call 402-444-4800 for help. Thanks for participating in Summer Reading and thanks for using AskOPL!

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