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I need to put together some questions for a Painter test with the City of Omaha - do you have any books that would help?

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We do have some basic step-by-step books on painting, though they are mainly geared towards home owners and home improvement projects, rather than professionals.  However you can see the complete list of what we have on that subject (house painting) here.

Out of that list, the two books that seem to focus on actual painting techniques are:

Painting: Step-by-step Projects, by John D. Wagner, and 

Step-by-step Exterior Painting

Please note that the last title is about 20 years old.  While I doubt much has changed in painting over these years, it still may have some outdated information.

A couple more recent books, though they may focus more on the decorating aspects of house painting, would be:

The Art of Exterior Painting, by Leslie Harrington, and

The Perfectly Painted House, by Bonnie Rosser Krims

There are also some links to some government documents on that list.  I did find a relevant pamphlet from the EPA here.  It is mostly on safety practices, but may be of use for one or two questions.

Lastly, I found some reasonably good results on a Google web search using the terms professional painting techniques, from home improvement TV shows, magazines, and paint supply companies.  While obviously they are not vetted sources, some of the web site names should be familiar to you.

I hope that at least gives you a start.  Let us know if we need to dig further.  Thank you for your question!

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