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Can we do photo shoots in one of the libraries?

Hello, I have a photoshoot coming up with a community volunteer group I help run. We are planning an outdoor photoshoot but since it is January and in Nebraska I don't trust the weather too much and hoping to find someplace indoors. Some information about the volunteer group and the shoot. We are called Midwest TeamHooman. We are hosting a charity ball this May and would like to do a photoshoot to promote the ball. We are aiming for a fantasy type place and what is better setting for fantasy than a Library? I hope you can let me know soon. If we are able can you recommend a library? We are planning this shoot on the 24th around 2. For more information I will leave a link to our facebook page.

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Dear Madeline,

OPL usually allows photo shoots as long as they don't obstruct other patrons or staff. However, you would have to get the permission of the manager of whichever library branch you are planning to visit. Here is a link to all the locations, with contact numbers: If you click on the name of the branch, you will also get the name of the manager and a link to the manager's email. Or just call up the branch. I'm not sure I can recommend one in particular, since I don't know what qualities you are looking for. They are all nice places in their own ways.  :)

I hope this helps!

Martha/Main Library

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