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where are "suggest a purchase" guidelines

When I recently learned patrons are able to suggest purchases for the library, I started taking advantage of it right away! Today, I was looking for the general info or guidelines about this service but couldn't find them anywhere. (eg. what is the oldest date of publication you'll consider, etc.) Are the guidelines on the site anywhere? If so, where? If not, please will you include them on the "suggest a purchase" page, either posted all the time or as part of a drop down list to click? I'd rather not waste my suggestions on titles you won't consider. Thanks!
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Thanks for your question!  Our guidelines and policies are actually included with the Suggest a Purchase page, but it's true they're a little hidden.  

When you click on the "Make a Suggestion" button, the explanation text at the top of the pop-up form outlines the process, and includes a link to our Collection Development Policy.  The text also mentions that we do try to focus on titles published within the last 10 years.  In practical terms we often especially look to see of the title has been published in the last 2 years, as then we usually can make sure it's still in print and available through our vendors.  Outside of that window it's a lot more uncertain if we'll be able to get it.

Thanks again for the great question.  I'll check with our webmaster to see if we can't make the answer more visible in our catalog module.

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