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The book I want to read has an availability status of "weeding." How do I convince you guys to not pitch this book?

title of book: IBM's Early Computers
This is your only book about IBM and the history of computers. And one of a very few books about mainframes in general. It seems a waste weed it.
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Unfortunately an item that has been set to weeding has already been deleted from the collection. Books that are weeded are mostly not pitched if they are in somewhat reasonable condition. Most weeded items go to the Friends of the Library book sale at the Swanson Library at 90th & Dodge. But between items weeded and items donated to the library they are handling thousands of books at a time...tracking a single item down after being weeded becomes a nearly impossible task because there is no way to track it. Also there isn't way for us to tell if the item did actually go to the book sale or was recycled if it was not in good condition. 

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