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Why do Lincoln residents have reciprocity and not Sarpy county residents?

I live in Bellevue, but we ar ein OPS school district. $75 a year is steep for someone who is regularly in Omaha.
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Lincoln library card holders enjoy reciprocity because Omaha Public Library card holders are able to use the Lincoln City Libraries services in return. OPL has not been able to establish a similar arrangement with any Sarpy Co. library--and, of course, some of Sarpy Co. has no library at all.

Every citizen who lives in Douglas County pays money each year to use our libraries.  Their tax dollars, which for us are charged as property taxes, are the funds that we use to pay for our books, our buildings, our staff, and our programs.  In exchange for this, we provide them with a library card to make use of these resources.  The amount they pay in taxes to the library varies, depending on the value of their home.  It averages around $60-$80 per household.

If you have children between the ages of 6 and 18, they do qualify for a free Omaha Public Library card allowing them to check out five items at a time, no matter where they live. In addition, if you work for a Douglas Co. business, the business may apply for a card with you as the designated card holder. Finally, keep in mind that the $75 fee for a non-resident card covers everyone living at your address (each person gets his or her own card). If you prefer not to commit to a whole year, you can also pay $25 for a four-month subscription.

And, of course, you can get a free card at Bellevue Public Library!

I hope this helps! 

Martha/Main Library

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