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Did someone die in the house or on/near the property at 3010 Westridge Dr Omaha, NE

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Thanks for asking! To answer your question I'd take a look at our Historic Omaha World-Herald archives, which you can also access from home using your library card. Click here to explore the archive. It's hard to answer with 100% certainty, since it's always possible that a death may not have been reported in the paper. Also, I'm having some trouble finding properties on Westridge Drive with the 3310 number - the houses I'm seeing on Westridge follow the east-west street numbering, with numbers like 8700-9000. Is there a crossing street like 88th or Paddock Road you might be looking for? 

At any rate, stories do pop up about violent or unexpected deaths in the neighborhood over the years. The articles cited below mention a woman in her late 30s found dead of a gunshot wound and a 15 year old boy who accidentally shot and killed a classmate; of course, every community will collect its fair share of tragic deaths. 

Omaha World Herald 26 Oct. 1966, Sunrise: 64. NewsBank. Web

Omaha World Herald 19 Jul. 1963, Home: 6. NewsBank. Web.

I received a similar question recently from a patron who was concerned about some odd noises in their home. This article provided some helpful advice; not sure if it's relevant to your search, but having it handy I thought I'd include it again. 

Thanks for using AskOPL! I'd definitely encourage you to poke around in the World-Herald archive for more information, and please feel free to call 402-444-4800 with questions. 

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