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Why can't I get a library card for free as a resident of the State of Nebraska so I can check out an eBook?

I want to check out a book that is available at your library but since I do not live in Douglas County, I am required to buy a library card. I checked availability in Colorado and there requirement is that I be a resident of the state. Why does NE and OPL charge for this service?
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I can understand your disappointment.  Here's a short explanation. Some states choose to use state taxes to strongly support public libraries.  In Nebraska public libraries receive the vast majority of their funding locally.  As a result, almost all public libraries in Nebraska charge a non-resident fee.  Omaha Public Library has taken some pains to make its fee equitable and fair.  And if you do choose to pay the fee and use the library consistently, you will save an awful lot of money!  Again, we understand--it seems unfair when you don't live in the "right" place; at the same time the library doesn't have the resources to loan items to people outside its service area without the fee.  I hope this explanation helps.



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  1. Wouldn't interlibrary loan still work?
    Yes, if he checks out the OPL book via a CO library.
    No, if he visits here often and wants to use the library in person.
    by Robert T on Dec 19, 2012.
  2. If you are a Nebraska resident now, you can always interlibrary loan Omaha Library books through your own library system as well.

    Russ Harper
    Library Specialist
    Omaha Public Library
    by Russ Harper on Dec 19, 2012.

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