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how do i log a read book on the summer reading program website

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2015  |  24 Views

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Thanks for asking! I'll throw in a few screenshots that assume you've already found the summer reading program website and registered using your library card number and PIN. If we're not quite there yet, let me know and we'll back up the process a bit. 

First, get into the website and sign in using your library account information. Once you sign in, it will take you back to a landing page... there's about a 50% chance it will look like this: 

If that's what you're seeing, click on the small circle between "Adults" and "Take a Quiz" - in my case, it shows my Summer Reading avatar; you may see something similar, or just a circle with a gray outline. Doing so will toggle open your User Dashboard, which is where most of the important SRP work gets done. Once that opens you should see this: 

If it's your first book the button that says "Add a title" will probably display as a blue button. Click on that, and a search box will appear where you can put in keywords for the book, audiobook, etc. that you read. Click the little plus sign next to an item in the search results and that title will be added to your SRP bookshelf; something like this should appear: 

It's also possible (finally!) to add books to your Program Shelf from the main catalog at, so long as you're already signed in; click the 'Add to My Shelves' button and it should look something like this: 

Just remember that while your Summer Reading Shelf is a great place to keep track of your summertime reads and share about them with other users, it's the Reading Time clock that will track your progress toward completing Summer Reading Program - so don't forget to add the time you spent reading, too! 

Thanks for your patience while I put together this reply, and feel free to call 402-444-4800 with additional questions. 

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