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Which e-reader do you recommend to access OPL books? I would also like it to have a WIFI feature.

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This is really a matter of personal preference.  First, you need to decide if you want a device dedicated to "just" books.  These are e-ink readers, and while they come with few bells and whistles, they possess the ability to resize the text and they give the eyes much the same feeling that they would receive as if they were reading a print book. They have a long battery life and are relatively inexpensive.  Amazon makes the e-ink Kindle, the Kobo has some market share, Sony offers solid models, and the e-ink Nook is sold by Barnes and Noble.  However, tablets do much more, so many people are using them to also read eBooks.  Reading on a tablet at length is harder on the eyes and tablets have a shorter battery life.  However, they are basically mini-computers with apps that can serve both productivity and entertainment purposes.  Apple and Samsung may currently be the biggest names in tablets, but there are many other choices, and it pays to decide what you really want and to do your research.  In fact, some people read eBooks on their phones, although this means frequent flipping of pages.

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  1. Buying a tablet reader is really a question concerning what you NEED in a WiFi capable reader. For example, I needed a tablet for work that had expandable memory, access to the AutoCAD android app, email, and office programs as well as accessibility of multiple reader apps for travel. Four months of research and paying attention to sale ads got me what I needed for under $100.
    Time and thorough research on the options is the only way to really know where and when you should invest your money. Make a checklist of what you need/want and then dive into the data and reviews on certified retailer websites and places like CNET which offers an “Official CNET Review” by technology professionals as well as customer reviews. Good luck!
    by Katie Cottingham on Sep 22, 2012.

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