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I'm looking for a book. It is about a woman who had a boyfriend write a whole rock album about their relationship, or so she thinks.

She's had to live it down while he's been off being a rockstar. Now he's come back to town and it looks like they might still have something. She goes to some lengths to see him without anyone knowing. I can't figure out the title! I think I would have read this sometime around 2011 if that helps at all. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Does this one sound possible? Or is it too young?

Audrey, Wait! (Apr 2008)
Author: Robin Benway

 When Audrey breaks up with her musician boyfriend, Evan, he is inspired to write a song about it, a catchy tune that launches his band to the top of the music charts--and that makes Audrey the target of paparazzi and gossip magazines--and the queen bee at school. Although Audrey tries to hide from fame, it finds her anyway (a first date with a co-worker ends with a police escort from a record store, where a crowd has trapped them). Audrey's phenomenal celebrity seems unlikely but she herself feels completely believable, and readers will find her both sympathetic and funny. Benway displays a keen ear for dialogue; this first novelist has a knack for showcasing her characters' wit as well as their sincere concern for one another.  Irresistible. Ages 12-up. (Apr.) --Staff (Reviewed April 21, 2008) (Publishers Weekly, vol 255, issue 16, p58)

This plotline sounds kind of familiar--I think there may be some other books that fit the bill. Let me know!

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