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what is the barcode for the book thicker than water

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2017  |  7 Views

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Thanks for your question!  The library has quite a few books with the title Thicker than Water, and there are even a few more that we don't have.  Since each copy of every book we have has a unique barcode that is used to check out, I'm guessing you are actually looking for the ISBN number that is used by libraries and booksellers worldwide.  

I'll list the ones that we actually own.  Follow the links and you can also see a cover image in our catalog, if that helps.

Thicker than Water, by Takerra Allen, ISBN 9781617736209 (Adult Urban Fiction/Romance)

Thicker than Water, by Mike Carey, ISBN 9781841496566  (Adult Supernatural Thriller)

Thicker than Water, by Penelope Farmer, ISBN 1564021785 (Older book, no cover image and shorter ISBN - Children's book about a ghost haunting)

Thicker than Water, by Anthea Fraser, ISBN 9780727867520 (Adult Mystery)

Thicker than Water, by Bruce Hale, ISBN 9781423168515 (Children's spy novel)

Thicker than Water, by Carla Jablonski, ISBN 1595140239 (Older book, shorter ISBN - Young Adult (teen) real life drama)

Thicker than Water, by Rett MacPherson, ISBN 0312334087 (Older book, shorter ISBN - Adult Mystery)

Like I said, there are even a few more that we don't have in our system.  You can check the title on, and they also list the ISBN.  

And if I got this wrong, and 'barcode' doesn't mean 'ISBN,' please let me know.

Thanks again!

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