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I read this book a year a go and i have no idea if its a trilogy or no,, This book is about a young girl who meet a guy at the beach and they

I read this book a year a go and i have no idea if its a trilogy or no,, This book is about a young girl who meet a guy at the beach and they fall in love and get married so quickly,, the guy is older than her and is ill but she doesn't know and he switch her bills to make her get pregnant ,, and one day he dies while sleeping and the girl find herself without anything so her husband's brother help her and let her live with him ,, the brother is weird and always wearing gloves and have issues,, which she finds that he's been sexually assault for years by his grandfather ,, in the end they fall in love and he also get her pregnant on purpose so she leave him but in the end they get back together ,, hopefully anybody could tell me the tittle of the book
The book is a bout a young women who falls for a guy she meets on the beach one day. They grt engaged and live together in a fla . She finds out shes pregnant and he is over the moon. However after having a fever for a day or two he dies due to a condition he knew about. The guys family kicks her out and wants nothing to do with her. However the guys brother takes her in to his house. I can remember the guy is very odd but you find out that her dead bf had got her pregnant on purpose and the brother is in love with gir
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Thanks for asking! Sounds like quite a plot. I've put about an hour into different combinations of search terms without much success. A couple questions that might help us hunt in the right places: When you read the book last year, do you feel like it was a newer or older book then - any idea when it might have been published? Is the story contemporary, or was it set in some other, recognizable time period? You'd mentioned a beach, a family home - was the story set in America, or overseas? If America, any feeling on south-west-northeast?

One author who's always on the top of the pile when complex, Gothic, family- and incest-centric stories are in play is V.C. Andrews and her ghostwriters. You might browse through her website and see if any of the titles/series look familiar. 

You might also take a look at The Season of Lilian Dawes, which seems to cover some of the complex family and relationship dynamics. Kristan Higgins' Next Best Thing has a widow becoming involved with her deceased husband's brother, though the plot doesn't feel as dark. 

Sometimes when all else fails skimming through romance novel blogs can help you find little pieces to move forward with. Take a look at this article from Dear Author on levirate marriage in romantic fiction and its comment thread. 

Best of luck with your search! Any additional information you can provide, as from the questions above, will increase our odds of finding some meaningful possibilities for you.

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  1. Hey thanks for taking the time to answer my question,, no it wasn't a family beach it was a beach close to her home ,, the girl was in high school and the boy maybe in his early twenties ,, the boy met her at the beach because his brother send him to set a date with the girl cause he can't stand walking on the sand ,, but when the boy saw her he likes her and doesn't tell her about his brother and they fell in love and get engaged and he get her pregnant and dies i think all that happens in a year max a year and half ,, then his brother came and let her live with him because she doesn't have a place to live and her mother wouldn't help her because she got pregnant ,, i think the heros name is Naithen but i'm not sure and they live in a house out side of the city which the heros grandfather gave it to him after daying and the house has a barn where the grandfather used to rape the hero and he kept videos for all the times,, theirs a houskeeper which helped the girl deliver the baby because their was a storm,, in the end the heros father burn the house and tried to kill the girl while in it but the hero helped her,, i think the novel was published between 2008 and 2013 and the hero works in his father as a jewellery desiner ,, hopefully it will help you
    by Monia on Apr 08, 2015.
  2. I think the house they live in it is outside of London but maybe i'm wrong ,, and the story was in our present not historical ,, it wasn't a gothic story niether a gost story
    by Monia on Apr 08, 2015.

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