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I have question though, this one pertaining to another "no-name" book. In this one a female, high school student moves with her mom into a new

I have question though, this one pertaining to another "no-name" book. In this one a female, high school student moves with her mom into a new environment/house after her mom remarries and they end up in an country town. Something the girl and her younger sister aren't used to. At her new high school she ends up joining the school paper and the editor is a very bossy, very cute guy. As the new recruit he puts her on the research team, researching the cafeteria's mystery meat and things like that. Somethings been going on in that school for a while and while researching she gets tangled up in the mess. The football jocks, specifically one group of about five guys, are throwing these super exclusive parties and the only way you can attend is with one of these elusive tickets. She tries to bring it up with her editor, the bossy, cute guy and he tells her to stay out of it. She doesn't and keeps pushing to get permission to investigate further. Long story short it turns out the guys were hazing new members into their messed up little clique, and two particular hazes had led to two deaths. It all ends with her getting kidnapped by that group of jocks (because she was coming to close to the truth), her being forced to write a suicide note (just like the other two guys did before their hazing, as everyone does in case any accidents happen), and being held a gun point while being forced to swallow a handful of pills. Thankfully the cute, bossy guy rushes in and saves the day, to which, of course, they end up happily-ever-after and the jocks go to jail for life. Do you know what book I might be describing?
While hiding in a dumpster one afternoon she overhears a conversation between two football jocks.

One was challenged to a drag race on a rainy night, leaving a heartbroken girlfriend and disturbing last words, and the other was challenged scale a cliff face with no equipment. Determined to get to the bottom of it the girl pushes forward for answers and the guy cautions her against it, she doesn't listen.

It's at a YD level if that helps any, and I read it about two years ago.
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We should be able to figure this one out! Do you remember the names of any of the characters? So far I'm coming up empty...


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