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I am looking for a book about two girls who were sexually abused by parents and touched with dead animals and going to graveyards

I read it for law class and can't remember it it's got a black cover though
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Thanks for asking! How long's it been since you read the book for class, and do you have an impression of whether it was a recent or older story then? 

Around Omaha, eight times in ten when someone's looking for a book about ritualistic abuse of children, the book they're looking for is The Franklin Cover-up, an account of a local scandal involving the alleged abuse and trafficking of foster children with a cult to add drama. Thirty years after the incident and twenty years after the book was first published, it remains one of the most-requested books in our collection. 

For a couple other possibilities from an initial search, you might take a look at Douglas Pryor's Unspeakable Acts or Felicia Sullivan's The Sky Isn't Visible From Here.

It's a sentence I honestly never thought I'd write, but: if the Franklin scandal book isn't the one you're after, I'd encourage you to take a look at Wikipedia's hub for 'Satanic ritual abuse.' While true and horrifying accounts of child abuse are never in short supply, the necrophilia/graveyard elements give a strong echo of the late-80s/early-90s wave of incidents. And, credit where credit's due, Wikipedia offers a pretty good summary of high-profile events and the books and media that were published in response. 

Best of luck, and thanks again for contacting us - feel free to email back or call 402-444-4800 with further questions, I'll just be busy washing my hands and hoping the search didn't catch me an FBI watchlist. 

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