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Are you no longer getting books on CD?

None of the newer books I've put on hold have them and that's how I can get through so many. I love that option but it seems many of the new books only have the book option to checkout, not the CD version.
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2015  |  23 Views
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Thanks for asking! CD audiobooks are still a big part of our collection - we're definitely still buying them, and they're still heavily used. If you're looking for some newer books on CD, let me recommend the new titles section of our catalog or its audiobook-specific subset. 

If you're reading on the cutting edge of print fiction, I've noticed that there's sometimes a lag between the release of brand-new titles and when their audiobook and large print formats become available - so you may be a month or two ahead of the curve. Another part of the equation is that audiobooks are comparatively expensive and have a smaller slice of the budget 'pie', so we have to make some choices when it comes to ordering them - so you will find great books that we don't have in audio CD, and you may find that the audiobook collection is weighted a little bit toward high-profile popular authors. 

To include way more information than you asked for, library records are a little bit like embryos - at the earliest stages of their life, they can be kind of undifferentiated, and the information that gives them distinct features is added over time. Which is to say, back at that leading edge of our very newest materials - items haven't even been released yet, where we just have purchase orders in for them - the catalog may see the incomplete record and just assume "oh, that's a book." So keep checking, you may find some audiobook versions that didn't show up as such when you first saw them. 

And to end my overexplaining, please feel free to suggest a purchase if there's a title you'd like to see in audiobook. Input from our customers helps us build a stronger collection. And don't hesitate to email back or call 402-444-4800 if you have further questions. 

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