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Can I get a library card through my work?

I work part-time at the Omaha Community Playhouse but am not an Omaha Resident. Could I still get a card to use for my work purposes?
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Thanks for asking! Especially if you're using the card for work-related research, materials, or database access, absolutely. The only sticking point is that the card will have to be created in the 'name' of OCP or your department within OCP, since they're located within Douglas County and paying the taxes that add up to free library privileges.

We do this sort of thing rather often for classroom teachers - so much so that I've got a little cheat sheet written up, which I'll link here. Get a letter from your department manager or similar authority at the Playhouse that covers all the big points shown there, bring the letter and a photo ID to your nearest library location. We'll have you fill out a short application form, mail the card back to the Playhouse and you'll be set to go!

If you wind up changing employment or in the very unlikely case that you can't get permission from your manager, we do also sell non-resident memberships that would cover your entire household for $25/4mos or $75/yr, good for about $300/yr savings on our subscription alone.

Please feel free to email back or call 402-444-4800 with any questions, especially if that link to the instruction sheet doesn't work as I intended.

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