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Do you have tax forms at the library?

Specifically the 1099-int
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2015  |  30 Views
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Thanks for asking! It's been many years now since we've gotten paper tax forms from the IRS - so we don't have them, but we're happy to help folks find them. We wind up going to like anyone else - you're welcome to use our computers and printers if you don't have access to one at home, and our staff can run off the first 5 pages of forms and instructions free, with normal printing costs (typically 10c/pg) beyond that. 

Now, that said, the 1099-INT is an odd duck among tax forms. It's more like a W-2 than a 1040, if that makes sense? While an informational copy of the form is available on, it's not meant to be filed. If you have personal interest income sufficient to require a 1099-INT, you should receive it directly from the financial institution that paid out the interest - try contacting your bank or broker if you expected one and haven't received it. If you're operating a business and need to report interest income that you paid to others, you're in deeper waters than your friendly neighborhood library is equipped for - I'd start by contacting the local IRS office at (402) 233-7232 and let them steer you forward from there.

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