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I checked out an ebook. Do I need to do something to "return" it or does it just expire?

Ebook expires in 2 days. I deleted the files I downloaded. Is there anything else I need to do to check it in or does it just come off of my record?
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You don't need to do anything.  It will automatically check in, and then you simply delete the book from your reader.

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
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  1. If you finish the book before the 14 day drop off date, can you return it sooner so that someone who is waiting for it can get it sooner than the 14 day drop off?
    by Mary on Jan 12, 2013.
  2. The process is slightly different depending how you get your eBooks. For most kinds of eBooks, it is relatively easy to return it early.

    For Kindle:
    Log into your Amazon account online, and choose "Manage Your Kindle". You will see a list of all the books you have on your Kindle device. If you click on the "Actions..." button to the right of your library book, one of the options should say "Return this book". After choosing that option, you simply need to delete the title from your device.
    For all other eBooks:

    Downloaded with your computer: If you have downloaded an eBook to your computer using Adobe Digital Editions, and then transferred it (or not) to your Nook, Sony eReader, etc., then to return an eBook early in Adobe Digital Editions, click the library icon. In the large black screen, hover over the title you want to return. In the upper left hand corner you will see a small black arrow. Click the arrow and in the drop-down menu click "Return Borrowed Item".

    Downloaded with your Mobile device: For those downloading wirelessly via an iPad, Android, Nook color, or other device through Overdrive, pull up your list of books in Overdrive and tap the plus sign on the right of the book you wish to return. Then simply choose the Return/Delete option.

    Please note: At this time due to digital rights management concerns, you are unable to return most audio books and/or videos early.
    by Russ Harper on Jan 15, 2013.

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