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When I login to my Freegal Account the screen refreshes and the login icon comes back but I can never login to download music?

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015  |  40 Views

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Thanks for asking! I'll forward your question to our webmaster - I'm afraid I'm unaware of a likely cause or solution for this issue, hopefully she'll know more. Your library account appears to be in good standing, so that shouldn't be the issue. 

Are you using Freegal from a desktop or one of the Freegal mobile apps? <removed incorrect screencap>

So at the login prompt you punch in your card number and PIN, no error message - on refresh does it take you back to a screen that looks like this: 

While testing out the database I noticed that Freegal is throwing up a prompt requesting an email address after you log in - some 'weekly notification of available downloads' that I'm not particularly thrilled about, though there is an opt-out - so I'm wondering if a popup blocker on your PC is catching that and somehow affecting the login script. You might try logging in with a single-session "allow pop-ups from this website" and see if anything goes differently. That's purely speculation, though. 

I'll follow up with you if our webmaster has any other suggestions! Thanks again for contacting us. 

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