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hi. i'm looking for a book but i can't remember the name. it's about an american girl with powers who saves a princess in a foreign country.

the princess is from a country called something similar to Atlantis. the two girls becomes lovers and have to flee the princess home country when a revolution breaks out.
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Thanks for your question!  Are you sure the main character is an American?  I can find a few books where a girl aids a princess, but none that specifically mention that she is American.  Especially when you add in the possibility of she and the princess being involved romantically, nothing quite fits the bill.

The closest I could find is Malinda Lo's Huntress, where two teen girls, Kaide and Taisin, go to the city of Taninli to rescue the Fairy Queen from her daughter, the Princess Elowen.  Both girls are human, and from the land of humans; Kaide is a guard and Taisin is a sage.  And during the adventure they find they have feelings for each other.

Could that be it?  If not, we'll keep trying.  Any other details you can remember will help.  Thanks!

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