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can i donate books to pay fines?

overdue library books cant pay fines?...
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015  |  114 Views

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Thanks for asking! While we're always happy to take book donations, we can't accept them in lieu of fines. Especially when it comes to replacing lost books - folks will sometimes offer to replace a lost or damaged book with a used copy, but we purchase and process our books in a particular way and a replacement book just doesn't cover our costs.

Now, that said, we're also very willing to work with folks when ability to pay is an issue. Without your card information it's tough to know exactly what's going on, but I'd encourage you to stop by any library location. A clerk or the branch manager will be able to look at the situation with you and discuss some options. The most common solution is a payment plan that would allow you to maintain library privileges as long as you're able to make a small payment toward your fines each month. Based on the history of your account, we may be able to reduce the balance, too.

If staff at your branch library are unable to reach a solution with you, you can contact our circulation manager at 402-444-4874. I'd encourage you to start local, though. At the end of the day we want your library card to be usable and in good standing, so we'll work with you to figure out how to get there. Please feel free to call 402-444-4800 with additional questions.

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