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Problem with emagazines!

Hi1 I checked out a magazine from Zinio and it won't let me log into my account because it keeps bringing up that I have the wrong password. I've tried re-entering the username and password to no avail. I don't really care about the magazine anymore, but I when I checked it out, it said, "Congratulations! You've checked out a Zinio magazine!" I can't access the magazine and I really don't care about it (I was just curious to see if I could check out magazines and read them on my computer). However, I am just hoping that it doesn't charge me any money for the issue, and I don't know how to cancel the checkout because it won't let me log in, even with a different password. Will the checkout expire after 14 days or do I owe money for checking out an e-magazine?
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Thanks for asking! Sorry for the trouble - Zinio can be great, but unfortunately 95% of its hassle is right on the front end. To get to the heart of your question, there will be no late fee or cost for the magazine. Once you've checked out a magazine in the Zinio service that specific issue will always be available from your Zinio account, but it doesn't take up space, limit your use of other library services, prevent other people from using it, or get fines in any way, shape or form. 

If you ever feel like taking another run at the digital magazine collection, feel free to visit your local library or call 402-444-4800. We'll do our best to help you navigate the complex process. But if you're ready to wash your hands of the whole thing, there's absolutely nothing you need to do or worry about!

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  1. So whats the scoop on magazines? Is this going to get fixed or do library personnel wish zinio would just go away?
    by frustrated on Mar 16, 2015.
  2. Thanks for asking! Actually, if you haven't looked at Zinio recently, they've rolled out some changes that should make registering and using the service a bit easier.
    by Mark Sorensen on Mar 17, 2015.
  3. If you have, and it's still a pain, we can try to help you navigate through it - but with licensed products like this there are some interface and usability issues that are really out of our control.
    by Mark Sorensen on Mar 17, 2015.

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