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I am trying to find a book about Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours. Thank you

He was a crusader at Tours. Quite famous.
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Thanks for your interest! At first blush (or, more accurately, keyword search) we didn't seem to have much to offer, but I think there are a few titles that may offer you some interesting information about the life and milieu of Charles Martel. 

Lacking a dedicated biography of 'The Hammer', consider Edward James' history of the Franks or Chris Wickham's fantastic Framing the Middle Ages and Inheritance of Rome

The Battle of Tours/Poitiers features prominently in history books and popular nonfiction playing with East/West and Christian/Muslim cultural and political conflicts. That's a field with a big ol' range of quality and historiography, but I think you'll find Stephen O'Shea's Sea of Faith and David Lewis' God's Crucible worth a look. 

If you'll forgive me for promoting an old favorite, I have to include Fordham University's Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Plaintext though it be, it's a great place to find primary source transcriptions.

I'd also like to suggest an episode of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast that covers the rise of the Frankish kings. And, honestly, the bibliography shown on that page includes some book recommendations that are better than mine. 

Thanks again for your question! Feel free to email back or call 402-444-4800 with questions.

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