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what is risk management program

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2015  |  6 Views
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Thanks for asking! Could you tell me a little bit more about what you're hoping to learn, and why you asked? Context will help find the right answer for you. 

There's a federal safety requirement that companies and people that store, move, and work with chemicals have plans in place for preventing and responding to a spill, leak, or similar emergency. These plans are often called Risk Management Plans, and the entire regulation and reporting system is sometimes called the Risk Management Program. You can find more information on all that business on the EPA's website

(If you asked because you saw a lot of results in our catalog with the words Risk Management Program, they're informational documents related to that federal requirement. We carry a bunch of government publications and sometimes they turn up in unrelated searches.) 

There's also a whole field of risk management connected to business and project management. Individuals and companies will sometimes talk about a 'risk management program' as a way of thinking about anticipating things that might happen because of a new project, decision, or product. It's a way of thinking strategically about choices. 

Does that at least give you a place to start? Feel free to email back, the more I know about your question the better I can make the answer. 

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