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I can't remember the title or the book auther name please help me

I am searching for a book I read in your site but can't remember it's title or the writer's name, please help me find it and buy it. It about a women live in the future where women is the dominate and men is their slave.but she read about the past when  men were the leader and hate the men in her time because they are weak, when she left her spaceship she had been kidnapped by a man who hate that too when she fight with him in a bar and his friend try to make him free her but he see it as opportunity to make the world see that mem are the true dominate and rulers not women, he made a bet with her not to be affected by a kiss and z she lost the bet and become his slave.
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I haven't been able to match this plot to an exact title, but it sounds for all the world like a John Norman book. He became famous in the 60s and 70s for his 'Counter-Earth' or 'World of Gor' books, where the author depicted a world based on sexual violence and the social and physical domination of women by men. With the science fiction element it might be the newer series written in his name, the Telnarian histories. Take a look through the list there and see if any of them ring a bell? 

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