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Old romance viking book cant remember title or nothing

This has been driving me nuts for years. I found the book when i was a teen about 15+yrs ago. medieval times i believe, these viking men come into this womans village steal all their children, the mothers fought,only one of the viking men get left behind hurt.the main character is a woman who.takes care of him nursing him back to health in hope to find the children. Anyways she ends starting to fall for this man starts to see he's not a monster. She finds out they taken the kids due to their woman not able to get pregnant.she ends going back home with him to get her son and she tries to find the cure for why the woman cant have their own. She ends up madly in love with the viking man.its a really juicy great book cant remember nothing much else. Would love to find again
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Thanks for your question! I did some searching in Novelist, and I think I've got a couple possibilities to run by you. Unfortunately, the books that look like they might be a good match are no longer in our collection (romance novels always seem to wear out fast) so it's tough to say for sure. 

Margaret Moore, The Viking1993. Plot points about the kidnapping raid and women fighting to defend their village and children. The reasons for the raid don't quite line up, though. 

Penelope Neri, Enchanted1993. The heroine in this one is an herbalist and physician; it's got the plot point about nursing the injured Viking back to health, and she might have the right skills to investigate the Viking women's infertility. 

Diana Groe, Erinsong, 2006. It's a little late to the party, but it's got that 'tending a wounded Viking' angle. 

Sandra Hill is a big player in the world of Viking-themed romance; scrolled through several dozen synopses and didn't see any that felt quite right, but the cover art, etc. might ring a bell for you. A lot of her stories have a distinctive time-travel element (Vikings and Navy SEALs are interchangeable, who knew?) that probably would have stood out, but of the four authors here she's probably best known for turning up the steam. 

A search inside Novelist for "Viking romance" will turn up a good chunk of results - you might take a look and see if anything looks familiar! But if none of these seemed quite right, let us know and we can keep searching. Thanks again for your question. 

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