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i read a book that had a old lady who had a nabor who passes a way and she witness a murder and they blow up her home she runs away in a rv

she has a friend named mack and he travels around taking picture and selling them he leaves and she buys a rv and runs away from hit men
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Thanks for your question - this one's a stumper!  It sounds quite a bit like Dead North, by Sue Henry, which is part of a murder mystery series starring Alaskan dog sled "musher" Jessie Arnold.  In this story, Jessie's own home is burned down and she agrees to take a friends RV cross-country.  Along the way she meets and befriends Maxie, a feisty elderly widow who goes on to star in her own RV mystery series by the same author, called the Maxie and Stretch series (Stretch is Maxie's dachshund).

However. the mystery part doesn't really start until Jessie is on the road and picks up a hitchhiker named Patrick.

Does this sound familiar at all?  If not, let us know and we'll keep looking.  Any more details you can remember will help.

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